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3. andrew matthews #1

We are not here to be punished. We are here to be educated. Every event has the potential to transform us, and disasters have the greatest potential to change our thinking. ACT AS IF EVERY EVENT HAS A PURPOSE, AND YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE PURPOSE. Figure out why you needed an experience, conquer it, and you won't need it again.  (Andrew Matthews, Follow Your Heart)

2. Happy birthday sis ! !

Happy birthday adik! Study rajin2 kat matrik tu.. May God bless u always! Take care! Please be more independent after this okay?? U already 19 years old. .. Make us proud of u okay? Love u!!

1. Happy New Year

Bunga api dah kedengaran. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone ! ! !Banyak kenangan pada tahun 2012. Tahun 2012, aku grad, dapat lesen keta, berdikari, belajar banyak benda. Hope 2013 adalah tahun yang success bagi aku nak bertemu jodoh... Hehe ( :