#4. suddenly.. :)


it’s funny when he started to change,
then u pretended like nothing’s happening..

it’s funny when u asked him,
then he told u dat he c0uldn’t l0ve u anym0re..

it’s funny when he t0ld u dat he had her back,
then u became speechless,u c0uld d0 n0thing..

it’s funny when she jez only c0ntacted him back,
then u became useless t0 him..

it’s funny when u have given all ur bestest 2 him,
then stil,she’s d best..

it’s funny when he c0uld simply 4get all da mem0ries,
then u c0uldn’t..

it’s funny when all diz time u were his only 1,
then u became n0 0ne..

it’s funny when u’ve l0st him,
then ur life t0tally changed..

it’s funny when there’s others who deserved u m0re,
then u didn’t even want them at all..

it’s funny when he easily gave his heart 2 others,
then u c0uldn’t d0 dat..

it’s funny when every single nite u cried 4 them,
then they were having gudtime t0gether..

it’s funny when after all d shitzzz he has d0ne,
then u still g0nna b l0ving n waiting 4 da shitterz(??)..

it’s funny when u supp0sed 2 hate him,
then u c0uldn’t aff0rd 2 feel dat way..


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