It's your birthday ! =) (Special dedication)


You can be friends with 1000 people, but you can't have friendships that accept as you are with 1000 people. 

There are a lot of friends. But the real friends you can count on your own only. The real friends that can accept yourself without prejudice , accept all your flaws and they are the nearest person after your family. Real friends will always with you in no matter what situation, through your upside down, laugh with you, cry with you, crazy with you and share all together. 

A lot of people will laugh together with us, but, only a certain people will cry with us, give morale support, nagging to us. That's called FRIENDSHIPS

Hey girl @sallysamsaiman , today is your big day. Your birthday. Happy birthday my dear another half. May Allah bless you always and happy always. Thanks because always being there for me. Through my upside down. I pray that Allah will ease all your plans and in shaa Allah everything will be fine. Hey, I ❤ u.. Taking care. 💋💋💋 #bff #love#kesayangan #bestie #KPMB

Dear my teddy bear, Sally Samsaiman . We know each other since 2008. We shared a lot of stories, craziness, sadness, happiness and many more. You are the strong girl that I know. You already faced a lot of challenges in your life and I know that u are capable to face any challenges in the future. Don't worry, we are always with you in what ever happens, In Shaa Allah. You know that we love you. We are like sister that share all of things together. 

Dear, thanks for everything. thanks for accepting me as I am. Accept my flaws, accept my 'mulut puaka' , accept my 'jelingan' and accept my nagging and annoyed u as I can. Thanks for being there for me thru my upside down. Good luck in everything you do my dear. Please keep strong. Even though there are no birthday celebrations on your birthday, but you know that we love you so much. We care about you. Please take care of yourself.

May Allah bless you always my dear. Hope everything u wish will comes true. I'm sorry for everything. Because I know I annoyed u a lot with my ethics. hahahah =D Love u babe!


  1. alaaa...alaaa...tak perasan pun ada entry utk kitaa...hahahaha...thank you so much sbb buat entry ni!

    1. dah lama sangat neh.. taw la kami jarang update blog.. hahaa :D


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