#Self-Reminder 2


people do changes. depends on the environment. depends on priority. depends on time and depends on circle of people around us. 

everything its depends on yourself to decide to be change or not. It is worth it or not. don't easily pointed any finger to others without you know their reasons. be empathy. just imagine if you at their places, what do you feel?

once I care, forever I will care. same with my family. Sometimes, I really care beyond my family. I am not easily to forget all the moments.  I'm easy to feel, but not to fall. I'm easy to love, but not to let go. I'm easy to forgive, but not to forget.

I'm really not a perfect person. I make a lot of mistakes. And I know not all can accept any my flaws.. But, I really appreciate for those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am and why I act like that. I have my own reasons. I'm the type of person that will try to make everyone smile, but when I'm in need of a smile, who's gonna be there for me?

I won't hurt back. I will try my best to understand. I will kept silent forever. In shaa ALLAH. But bear in mind, I'm still an ordinary person who never falling to make any mistakes in my life. I'm still learning. Learning who will be appreciate myself and accept all my flaws with judging my past. And smile with me, cry with me, be annoyed with me and everything.

Thanks for those who are always with me. I really appreciate it. Love you all :')


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